So you think you want a Basset?

Anyone who wants to be owned by a Basset Hound will need the following:

A great sense of humour
A placid and forgiving nature
Stamina - if not equal to that of a Basset, then as near as possible
Preferably unlimited resources

The Basset has a character with a multitude of facets: faithful, loving, stubborn, endearing, exasperating, to name but a few. They may fail to hear you calling when they are on the scent of a rabbit in the countryside or rolling in some manure you have just spread on the flowerbeds. They may also suffer from functional deafness and turn into a lump of immovable jelly when you try to move them from the best armchair in front of the fire on a cold winter's night.

The Basset has a very determined streak in it's nature and should not be allowed to get the upper hand. They must be trained from a very early age with patience, lots of praise, tenderness and perseverance (plus a biscuit or two).

They are willing dogs, as long as what you wish of them is what they intended to do in the first place. They can make you feel guilty by sulking and looking up at you with those soulful eyes. This can go on for hours or even days until you apologise for shouting at them, it was your fault anyway for leaving whatever it was they stole, chewed or eat where they could reach it.

They enjoy a good romp in the country, but preferably when the weather is nice. They don't really like getting wet so, when the rain is pouring down, they will quite happily do a quick U turn in the garden, lying down on the settee for the rest of the day.

Basset Hounds love to be loved, and need to be part of the family, they don't really need a sofa of their own, but they do show appreciation for such things. It is cruel to leave a solitary Basset for long periods. If left alone for several hours, Bassets become bored. They then turn to digging up carpets, chewing furniture and so on to relieve their boredom, and the ensuing destruction would make a demolition gang feel inadequate.

Remember a Basset is NOT a small dog. A fully grown male Basset ideally should weigh up to 30kg and a female around 26kg. The body size is similar to that of the Labrador.

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