Scent Day 2021

To be held at

County Showground, Stafford, ST18 0BD


Saturday 10th July 2021

MBHC Scenting Day

The Midland Basset Hound Club will be holding their Annual 'Scenting Day' in conjunction with The Houndshow.

The scenting day takes the form of a tracking trial with the dogs leashed. The trials are open to all hounds. Entries taken on the day.

Quick entry Rules

There will be a charge of £1.00p for each 'go' and Certificates will be given out to all Hounds who successfully complete the 100 yard or the 250 yard tests.

You can have as many tries as you like but if your Hound has not found the scent within 5 minutes he is unlikely to do so at that particular try.

The Trials will end no later than 4.00 pm

All the above is subject to change, due to weather conditions and events beyond the control of the committee.

Scenting Day Rules/Guidance Aims of the Day

We aim to give any Hound the opportunity to trail a scent (even Sight Hounds if they want to) thereby getting back to the basic idea of what a Scent Hound was bred for.

We start with a short straight trail of 100 yards (Beginners class) and then the option of 250 yards (Novice class) for any hound who finds the first test, just a little too easy. This trail will be laid as required.

We also have a "find the sausage" corner for hounds that just want a bit of practise or find the 100 yards a bit of a challenge.


All hounds participating must be on a long lead. You can use the extending type fully extended, a horse lunge rein, or just a long length of thin rope; this is to enable the hound to follow the scent without assistance, or hindrance, from the handler. In an ideal situation the hound would be in a harness, but as most hounds are not accustomed to wearing a harness we don't insist on this.

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